It is The Bamboo Mattress promise to be the go-to brand for high-quality, eco-friendly bamboo products. In addition, our long-term mission is to create a sustainable world for our children. As consumers ourselves, we have a very important responsibility to make wise decisions in the commodities we support. We make conscious efforts to do small things which protect the Earth. Therefore, when we buy environmentally-friendly merchandise, we do our part to help create a better future for everyone. Moreover, if we all have the same mindset, we create a powerful force to ensure a safer, sustainable home.

“We encourage you to promote eco-friendly, sustainable products within your circles of influence. From family, friends, and beyond.”


For a better sleep, our bamboo products are made with only the highest quality materials. They protect your skin from moisture, temperature changes, and UV damage. Bamboo’s naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial benefits create superior safety and comfort.

“In addition, our sleep products provide greater head and neck support to minimize discomfort and allow you to wake up refreshed and energized.”


Each time you purchase bamboo plant products, you not only create a better, more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family, but also make a significant contribution to bamboo farmers, cultivators, and the environment.

“The Bamboo Mattress believes in offering high-quality products while still caring for the environment. We are committed to using bamboo plant materials sourced from suppliers who operate according to the same ethical and eco-friendly standards that we adhere to.”


Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly plants. Since it is renewable and sustainable, it is well-loved across the globe. Bamboo plants sparingly use space & water and do not require replanting.

“It takes approximately three years to grow bamboo. And, because it is completely biodegradable, bamboo leaves a tiny carbon footprint. If you love Mother Nature you will most definitely love The Mattress products.”


Restful sleep is one of the simple pleasures that actually has a great impact on our quality of life. With a proper rest, you wake up with more energy. a brighter mood, and the ability to regulate your appetite. All in all, getting a good night’s sleep makes you feel and look good.