Green Initiative

Narendra Plastic is committed to environmental friendly and sustainability in its operations. We use only prime grade virgin materials that make it possible to reduce material in products for the same performance. Our factory productions processes are fine tuned to reduce waste generation and recycles 100% of plastic waste materials internally. All plastic products manufactured by us are 100% recyclable.

Narendra subscribes to the 3 R’s program for environmental sustainability.

Reduce.. the amount of material used in production

Reuse.. most of factory waste including oils, solvents, water is reused

Recycle.. 100% of plastic waste generated in production is utilised to make recycled material

Plastic bags don’t litter, people do. – Megan lane, BBC News
Published: 2007/11/01

Plastics are lighter than many alternative materials, which translates to a savings in energy use. They have consistently reduced the weight of truck payloads and allowed companies to ship more product in fewer trucks. More than 2.8 million plastic grocery bags can be delivered in one truck.

When incinerated in waste-to-energy facilities, plastic bags yield more energy than coal and burn more cleanly as well.